Friday, November 16, 2012

Radio navigation system RNS 510 "Volkswagen Touareg"

RNS 510 radio navigation system new Volkswagen unite not only a range of multimedia functions, but it can also be combined with Bluetooth mobile phone Setup "premium". Effective immediately, RNS 510 can be ordered for the Tuareg in 510 RNS from VW easily and regularly controlled through touch sensitive screen. Also additional keys provided to support this concept easy to use. The new system has a high-performance processor that enables the calculation of ways very quickly and to view clips from the map in 16: 9 format. Hard drive 30 GB integrated serves to store data for the navigation system, and can also be used to save audio content (MP3/WMA). Now HD display enables maps to be displayed also in 3D, and delivers excellent quality screen for photos and videos. In addition, 510 new RNS also display topographical map details, a feature especially useful for driving off-road.
Drive integrated DVD supports playback of common audio formats such as MP3 and WMA (Windows Media Audio) as well as playing videos (only while the car is parked). Sound in these forms can also be accessed via the SD card slot on the front of the unit. Audio Unit with ten speakers and 4 x 20 Watts of power approximation of the high-end features of this system.
Using a mobile phone is also easier when RNS 510 is along with Bluetooth mobile phone Setup "premium". The device contains the "telephone" button for convenient operation. Pressing this button provides direct access to basic phone list. List, such as scrolling through the phonebook or directly to request a number on the virtual keyboard consisting of 10 digits, assume his functions using the touch screen. get here Radio navigation system RNS 510 "Volkswagen Touareg"


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